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Social media has become the new American pastime with Gen Z spending 8 hours per day on screens, with a large chunk of that time on social media interacting with friends, family, and influencers. With such a massive amount of time spent online, many young people fall subject to the influence of “social conditioning” and in turn make decisions and judgments based on what they see other people doing. The rise of viral challenges, such as the Running Man Challenge and Ice Bucket Challenge, are perfect examples of people allowing social media to affect their real-world activities.

Unfortunately, too many social media influencers focus on displaying virtual signs of success. This often involves posting pictures of expensive dinners, luxury goods, and other materialistic displays that set society on a track for caring about stuff and not creating social good. This has led some of the largest influencers to come together for a bigger purpose on social media. Everyone from Jake and Logan Paul to Steven Spence, Brent Rivera, Scooter & Yael Braun, Bryant Wood, Victoria Justice and her sister Madison Reed, Twan Kuyper, and more have all committed to The Santa Claus Affect.

Ultimately these influencers know they have the ability to shape the interests and habits of their followers, so they have decided to work on using this influence to cause social good. Jason Neubauer, one of the leading influencer marketers and serial entrepreneur, pulled together these huge influencers in order to have an unstoppable force of social impact. The Santa Claus Affect works with the world’s largest influencers to do random acts of kindness, teach people how to use social media to better their future, and ultimately make society more focused on helping others instead of looking out for themselves.

While this movement has largely taken place on social media thus far, the power of these influencers has attracted the attention of producer James Burnett and Emmy Award-winning creative director Allen West to become executive producers on the show along with Neubauer. They are now in the middle of producing a television show for The Santa Claus Affect that will offer a more in-depth glimpse into the work of the influencers to help people. Additionally, throughout the show will be actionable takeaways for the audience to learn more about how to use social media to grow or launch a business or simply build an audience. Overall, The Santa Claus Affect is leveraging both traditional media and social media to connect with people and channel the message of “everyone can succeed together if we all operate off of kindness vs self-interest on a daily basis.”

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"Thank you to Santa Claus Affect & Jason for changing my life forever. He is my brother for life and forever grateful for his gratitude"

Johnny Joassaint – Affected on Santa Claus Affect

"Anyone can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A LITTLE effort can really go a LONG way"

Steven Spence – DJ/Producer

"When we all believe in each-other that kind of power together is unstoppable"

Bryant Wood – Actor

"Thank you to Santa Claus Affect for impacting my life so tremendously. I feel blessed and overwhelmed. I still can't believe this is all happening"

Sasha Calle – Affected on Santa Claus Affect