The Santa Claus Affect

The blueprint for success when you commit to living for something bigger than yourself

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The Santa Claus Affect

25 of the most significant influencers in the world have rallied around the “The Santa Claus Affect” movement to change the vibration of the world by encouraging everyone to commit to something bigger than themselves. Encouraging others to shine their light with compassion, vulnerability, and kindness. Jason has implemented key fundamental elements of mind, body, and spirit in each chapter to evolve readers out of the world’s selfish mindset. “The Santa Claus Affect” is filled with captivating personal anecdotes that will inspire and take you inside the world of some of the most incredible individuals of our time. The net takeaway of this book is your legacy is defined by how many people’s lives you’ve touched. We can all do good by doing good, and that we must all do it together by lending a helping hand to one another, in a time when the world needs it the most. This isn’t a self help book, this is the start of a MOVEMENT.

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See how The Santa Claus Affect is changing the world

"Thank you to Santa Claus Affect & Jason for changing my life forever. He is my brother for life and forever grateful for his gratitude"

Johnny Joassaint – Affected on Santa Claus Affect

"Anyone can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A LITTLE effort can really go a LONG way"

Steven Spence – DJ/Producer

"When we all believe in each-other that kind of power together is unstoppable"

Bryant Wood – Actor

"Thank you to Santa Claus Affect for impacting my life so tremendously. I feel blessed and overwhelmed. I still can't believe this is all happening"

Sasha Calle – Affected on Santa Claus Affect

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