The Santa Claus Affect team will begin giving out a $1,000 weekly grant to an individual or organization that aligns with our mission to “Affect Change” in early 2018.

To apply for the weekly grant follow us on Instagram and submit your sixty second story on Instagram on why your or someone you’re nominating is deserving of the Santa Claus Affect grant.

The majority of our merchandise sales goes to creating more grants for our community. Go check out our Affect Change merchandise here so we can give away more grants.

If you are interested in donating to supply more grants for our community please contact us (contact link) for more details.

Affect Change App:

Affect Change has licensed the Challenged technology to create the video topic and donation platform for Affect Change. Think Quora/Reddit for mobile that allows you to donate money or information to the topic or causes.

Affect Change is also implementing the  SGT Token, The revolutionary blockchain technology that will allow anyone to directly donate to an individual or cause they want to support.

Our application is set to launch in early 2018.

Social media

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